“Dark Was The Night, Cold Was The Ground is an unmissable achievement
Musica Jazz Italy (2016)
“Over the course of less than a decade and four albums as a leader he has forged an individual style and easily recognizable of the more adventurous musicians on the mainstream jazz scene today.
Jazz Times (2015)
“In an age where really accomplished young jazz musicians are prone to making recordings that are simply too cautious, too precious, obviously “dressed to impress,” or too complicated to digest in one sitting, Pivot: Live at The 55 Bar is a welcome blast of gritty, fearless, sweaty, and intelligent hard-core jazz.
All About Jazz on Pivot (2015)
“...good chance of ending up as a cult classic
Jazz Special Denmark on Pivot (2015)
“…a lyrical young tenor saxophonist whose alert work as a leader on three albums has drawn considerable critical attention... taste for luxuriant balladry and occasional free-form exploration.
The New Yorker (2014)
“Haven’t been this impressed with a young musician for a long time... he oozes integrity, authority and gravitas.
Jazzwise Magazine (2014)
“Preminger’s extended improvisations recall the muscular angularity of Sonny Rollins, the lush lyricism of Warne Marsh, and the indomitable spirit of Bukka White in a rapturous style wholly his own. Preminger swoons for the saxophone-searching, sweating, wailing, restlessly caught in the present progressive tense—a reluctant prophet heading for a resolution or a crisis with the antediluvian sense that a flood is coming.
Village Voice on Pivot (2015)
“ecstatic... incantatory...
New York Times on Pivot (2015)
“With this superb album Preminger has crossed yet another creative milestone whetting the appetite for the next installment in his stellar oeuvre.
JazzTimes on Pivot (2015)
“Noah Preminger and his compatriot Jason Palmer is American jazz today. I am glad they went back to Greenwich Village to pivot the blues. Every art has its own history, here is the present tense.
What's New Magazine (2015)
“Since the release of his debut album, [Preminger] has spent the last five years earning praise that coalesces around the idea of maturity. He has his own sound, the elusive target of an serious young improviser: his timber on tenor is darkly shaded and often bone-dry, but warmly expressive through the entirety of his range… Patience and composure, along with fluency, prudence and control.
Nate Chinen, The New York Times (2014)
“Intuitive leader… old soul... Virtuosic... Creativity and passion are extremely high.”
Downbeat Magazine (2014)
“Impressive, challenging, and beautiful.
Boston Globe (2014)