Editor’s Pick: “Before the Rain is marked by the same sense of adventure and exploration as
Preminger’s 2008 debut CD Dry Bridge Road, but with more compositional depth and group
interplay. The tempos never rise above medium, but the creativity and passion remain extremely
Ed Enright, DownBeat
“There’s a buzz around the young tenor player with the arid tone, the fleet lines, and the thick
ideas... it’s deep stuff: harmonically daring and compositionally rich.
Jim Macnie, Village Voice
“...another major gift to the jazz world...a distinguished disc sure to seize attention for his
evocatively melodic style... Playing with the grace and expressiveness of a jazz veteran, the young
man with a horn mixes cool restraint with emotional depth and old-fashioned poetry with
contemporary bite... distinctive voice as a saxophonist and composer.
Owen McNally, The Hartford Courant
“4-stars...a superbly flexible quartet...full of adventure, individuality and light and shade.
Preminger is a bit special.
Ray Comiskey, Irish Times
“His sound is informed by everybody but beholden to no one. Which makes him continually
unpredictable, and continually satisfying.”
Jon Garelick, The Boston Phoenix
“Preminger guides his solos with a logic that’s unrushed...introspective... balancing clean
execution... His six originals (out of nine total tracks) are structurally layered, mercurial, flirting
with abstraction but unabashed about melody and groove. Placed end to end, they tell a
compelling story.
David Adler, Time Out New York
“More than just a promising starting point, this is a display of integrity; here’s a musician you feel
you can trust... Preminger’s album “Dry Bridge Road” is unusually graceful... [he] plays with care
and dry precision, dividing his time among all registers, with even tone and projection in each.
Ben Ratliff, New York Times